I Needed Something

from by REDLINES

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I needed something
I'm out for an adventure
I hope it ends with you

Do I appear
Cuz love is nearly nothing
To what I feel for you

Fourhundred horses
They could stumble me to pieces
And I'll still crawl for you

How do you blow my mind
The thrill's you got me going
They'll always residue

Oh.. oh oh oh .. oh oh oh . oh oh oh .. You know you are the only one *2

So many years I
Have been longing for this moment
To stand infront of you

You're just like gravity girl
As long as im not near
I'll float through outer space

Do I appear
I gotta know for certain
I gotta know for sure

Got even near
I gotta make a move I'll do it for myself
I'll do it for us!

I'm inlove with you darling and that's what I felt all my life
You are the one that will be always in never out
Come with me darling i'll give you whatever you need
If love is the answer you want it's the answer you see...

How Low
How low

Well I'm Flattared thank you darling
look you got me smiling
I just can't go with you..
Steak don't go with sardins
Don't you look so sad now
I can understand you
By the look of your face
you're a fool to my game..

A fool to my game..


from Round .1, released August 15, 2016



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